"Sparking Hope One Initiative At A Time"

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to giving back to the community and supporting those in need


Sparkhub Foundation is a student-led non-profit organization that focuses on giving back to the community around the Bay Area. We aim to show love to those struggling around us through a multitude of projects and initiatives. We hope we can continue to support those in need. Visit the donations page if you would like to contribute to our cause.

Jenny Zhao
Organization Supervisor and Coordinator

Jasamarbir Arora
11th Grade

Connie Li
11th Grade

Christopher Wang
Vice President
12th Grade

Victor Luo
Vice President
11th Grade

Hamilton Le
10th grade

Jenny Hu
Activities Coordinator
12th grade

Muyang(Aaron) li
Outreach Director
11th grade

Elaina Xu
10th Grade

Mankaran Ahluwalia
International Outreach
8th Grade

Rayna Tsai
Former President

Alyssa Shou
Former President

Jessica Li
Former President


HIGH SCHOOL WORKSHOPS:High School Workshops is an initiative in which we invite student speakers to present their high school experiences, including ones related to AP courses, exams, applications, etc. Meetings are hosted on Zoom, and the link is emailed out to participants who have signed up in advance. Students, siblings, or guardians—anyone is welcome to attend!Click to learn more

BOOK DRIVE AND LIBRARY:Our book drive fundraiser plans to collect used books, textbooks, or prep books that will be donated or sold. The purpose is to redistribute these books so that those who need them can get them for free or at a low price. The funds generated from this ongoing project will go towards funding future initiatives.Click to learn more

JUNIOR CAMPS:Events include abacus lessons, basketball games, book sales, and STEM classes. Our camps are designed for elementary to high school students with a love for exploration, and they are held at regular intervals.Click to learn more

BASKETBALL TRAINING:Sparkhub Foundation's basketball camps run year-long. Sessions are open to first to fourth graders. We teach the rules and skills of basketball with activities involving drills and a variety of games. Our goal is to promote fun and growth through exercise.Click to learn more

MACHINE LEARNING HACKATHON:We hosted our first hackathon as a means to promote health and safety in the ongoing pandemic, as well as encourage new and experienced coders to build their own project.Click to learn more

Sparking Innovation Publishing:We created our own publication site for research and formal lab reports. The research articles will be reviewed by professional scientists and software engineers.Click to learn more

GIRLS INDIA PROJECT:We partnered with Girls India to introduce underprivileged children in the organization to basic coding through creating games with Scratch. We also gave them the opportunity to join our free online mentorship program in which our high school mentors provide further lessons in computer science.Click to learn more

YARD SALE FUNDRAISER:We recieved donations from members to fundraise for future initiatives. We have sold books, clothes, toys, and furniture to community members in front of Mission San Jose Elementary School.Click to learn more

RESCUE 2 REHOMEBay area-based initiative to connect families with rescue animals in need of a forever home. Our website features animals from local shelters and neighborhoods for individuals to find a perfect match.Click to learn more

Past Projects

PACKAGE OF CARE:PoC, initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic, is our first project. We made and donated packages to local daycare centers and elderly homes.Click to learn more

YOUTH BRIDGE:YB is our first fundraiser. Our team works to teach English to children living in China. All money raised will go towards funds for future projects.Click to learn more

FUSD LEARNING FUNDRAISER:To support our local school district, Sparkhub Foundation organized a fundraiser to help create quality online learning for the 2020-21 school year.Click to learn more

FLAME OF LIGHT:FoL is an initiative focused on supporting the victims of California wildfires. Wildfires have ravaged California in recent years and there are many without homes, food, or water. The money raised will be donated to organizations who are supplying aid around the state.Click to learn more

GUZHENG LESSONS:Through the long-standing history of China, numerous cultural aspects have disseminated to other countries, even here in the United States. One example is the guzheng, an ancient zither instrument. Through our free guzheng lessons we offer you a chance to explore this area of ancient Chinese culture.Click to learn more

HELP FOR THE HOMELESS:HftH is a project which aims to help people who have been displaced or made homeless by COVID-19. Many families are struggling and depend on food banks for their meals. Through this holiday fundraiser, we hope to alleviate food insecurity to people less fortunate than ourselves.Click to learn more


Bike Path Clean-Up

Project Date: August 2023 - Present

Littering remains a problem in our local communities, especially on bike paths that may harm riders through unexpected obstacles. Students are encouraged to keep high-traffic areas clean through this group clean-up activity.To see more information or to sign up, please visit this link.Please email Darwin Chang at [email protected] if you have any questions.Project lead: Darwin Chang

Basketball Training

Project Date: September 2022 - Present

Sparkhub Foundation's basketball camps run year-long. Sessions are open to first to fourth graders. We teach the rules and skills of basketball with activities involving drills and a variety of games. Our goal is to promote fun and growth through exercise.Classes take place at Chadbourne Elementary School every Saturday and Sunday 2 pm - 3 pm. Please sign up beforehand. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].Project leads: Edwin Tang, Vincent Wu, and Brandon Peng

Volleyball Classes

Project Date: October 2023 - Present

Sparkhub Foundation's volleyball camps have rolling admissions. Sessions are open to beginners ages 8 years and up. In these classes, we teach the fundamental skills of volleyball through engaging drills and exercisesOur mission is to foster joy and personal development through physical activity, aiming to ignite a passion for sports among elementary school children.Classes are at John Gomes Elementary School every Sunday 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM. Please sign up here to be added to our mailing list. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].Project lead: Connie Li

Badminton tournament

Project Date: July 2024

Sparkhub Foundation's badminton tournaments give beginners and intermediates at the sport the opportunity for real match and tournament experience, preparing them for official competitions, while having fun playing the sport with students like them. Our goal is to spark their interest and passion for badminton, encouraging them to push their limits and keep improving so that they will be able to play against the nation's best here in the Bay Area.
The event had three age groups: elementary school, middle school, and high school, as well as all the events: Boys' and Girls' Singles, Boys' and Girls' Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. The recent one-day event hosted at CBA included over 60 players and 80+ matches!
Project lead: Elaina Xu, Aaron Li, Emily Zhang, and others


We work hard to give back to the community.
We would really appreciate it if you considered donating to support our cause. Thank you!

Donate with Paypal:[email protected]or

Donate with Venmo:@SparkHubFoundation-Donationor

Donate with Zelle:[email protected]

__ Top Individual Donors:__Rayna Tsai's family
Alyssa Shou's family
Jessica Li's family
Abigail Zhang's family
Andrew and Nemo Lei's family
Adrian Zhang's family
Daisy Liu's family
Nicole Yunhe Zuo's family
Jasamarbir Singh's family

Company Sponsors and Donors:

Ivy Bridge
Metro Choice Insurance & Financial Services
JJH Inc.
California Badminton Academy

Package of Care

Project Date: May - August 2020

Package of Care is a project that we started to help people stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many elderly homes and daycare centers lack proper personal protective equipment due to shortages in stock. Our team created care packages containing hand sanitizer, face masks, and face shields, which we donated to local care facilities.

Youth Bridge

Project Date: June 2020 - Present

Youth Bridge is a educational initiative we created to help fund donations and materials for future projects. Our team of high school students works to teach English speaking, reading, writing, and vocabulary to kids of various ages from China.Project leads: Emily Han (Round 1), Nicole Zuo (Round 2)

Help for the Homeless

Project Date: December 2020

This holiday season, Sparkhub Foundation is hosting a holiday card project which aims to help people who have been displaced or made homeless by COVID-19. Friends, families, colleagues, etc. can buy and send one of our custom design holiday cards. The proceeds will be donated to the Tri City Volunteers Food Bank, the largest client direct hunger relief organization in Alameda County. Please see the embedded Instagram post for more information!Update 01/30/21: $50 was raised and Sparkhub Foundation matched the $50 for a total donation of $100 to the Tri City Volunteers Food Bank.Project lead: Jennie Wang

Flame of Light

Project Date: October - December 2020

In recent years and especially in 2020, wildfires have ravaged millions of acres across California. Flame of Light is a fundraiser that aims to support communities who who are victims of the recent wildfires. The money raised will be donated to the American Red Cross and other organizations supporting wildfire recovery. See the infographic for more information.~~As of 12/21/20, Sparkhub Foundation's Flame of Light team has raised nearly $3000. The first donation was done through a physical water donation to American Red Cross Central Coast, see pictures below.~~Update 01/10/21: after our water donation to American Red Cross, the remaining $1700 was donated to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy's California Wildfire Recovery Fund.Project lead: Alyssa Shou
With help from Emily Han

FUSD Learning Fundraiser

Project Date: September 2020

Learning online is not easy to coordinate and adapt to. The Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) is working hard to ensure students get the best quality distance learning. To support our local school district, we went out to collect money to donate to FUSD. We ended up surpassing our goal of $500. See our list of donors below.Project led by Nicole Zuo
Flyer designed by Jessica Li

Thank you for donating:Jessica Li
Alyssa Shou
Rayna Tsai
Nicole Zuo
Lei Family
Jacob Hearns
Mike Zhao
Daisy Liu
Han Family
Feng Family
Ishaan Saha
Vincent Wu
Abby Zhang
Last updated: 12/10/20


Project Date: October 2020 - Present

Our book drive fundraiser aims to collect used books to donate or sell to others. Any used books, textbooks, or prep books are accepted.We assigned low and reasonable prices based on book version and condition. To view the prices, please see our spreadsheet.We hope to help students who need these books get them for free or at a low price. The funds generated from this ongoing project will fund future initiatives. For more information or you're interested in buying, please contact the email and phone number provided on the flyer.

Project led by Jessica Li


Project Date: November 2021 - Present

Throughout high school, students are expected to have a variety of commitments, whether it be school courses or extracurriculars. In order to assist students in making the decisions that will most benefit their future dreams, we invite speakers to give an account of their experiences so that students can make informed choices regarding their high school life.Participants are able to sign up here, while potential speakers can apply here.

Project initiated by Alyssa Shou
Led by Jessica Li and Adrian Zhang


*Project Date: April 2024

Based at Afficient Academy in Fremont, we hosted a one week in-person coding bootcamp to introduce young minds to the world of computers language.Our agenda included choosing topics, advice from experienced participants, lectures on the research report process, and writing analyses. Finally, students engaged in hands-on activities and attended an awards ceremony.

Project led by Jasamarbir Arora
Instructors include Christine Wong and Chris

Project Date: December 2023

Based at Afficient Academy in Fremont, we taught a two-week long virtual and in-person science fair bootcamp to introduce young students to STEM curiosity and research.Our agenda included choosing topics, advice from experienced participants, lectures on the research report process, and writing analyses. Finally, students engaged in hands-on activities and attended an awards ceremony.

Project led by Jasamarbir Arora

Project Date: November 2021 - Present

Over the span of Thanksgiving break, elementary school children gathered together to play basketball and learn mental math. Kids were able to challenge themselves through games and tournaments. The mental math activities were held virtually and cultivated better mental ability, sharper focus, and longer attention spans.All books were provided by Sparkhub Foundation's library to be read and sold. Proceeds will fund future projects and initiatives.Our virtual coding camps provide students with a basic understanding of code. The class covers introductory concepts in Python, including loops, and if statements, variables, operators, and Boolean variables.

Project led by Jasamarbir Arora


Project Date: July 2022 - Present

Based in Danville, California, our guzheng lessons are open to students of all ages. Classes will be one-on-one and times will be determined by student and instructor after signing up. Students do not need to bring any materials.Through this initiative, we hope to spread one of the many aspects of Chinese culture and provide students with a unique musical experience. Lessons also serve as a fundraiser for future Sparkhub Foundation initiatives.Sign-up here.
Please email [email protected] for any questions.

Project led by Augustina Sun


Project Date: August 12 - August 14

In order to promote awareness of the affects of the pandemic and to encourage young coders to take on new challenges, we have hosted our first machine learning hackathon in the summer of 2022.If you have joined this event as a member of Sparkhub Foundation, please view our Machine Learning Club meeting minutes here.The hackathon was hosted on Devpost and gained over 170 participants. $50 USD prizes were awarded to the top three winners.Please view our hackathon winners on Youtube.

Project led by Jasamarbir Singh Arora, William Wang, and Adrian Zhang


Project Date: June 2023 - Present

We worked with NGO Yuvsatta (Girls India) to host an in-person coding workshop in which we introduced underprivileged children in the organization to basic coding through activities including creating games with Scratch.After the workshop, we have continued to support passionate students by giving them the opportunity to join our free online mentorship program in which our high school mentors provide further lessons in computer science.

Project led by Jasamarbir Singh Arora


Project Date: December 2021 - Present

Through these yard sales, we have recieved numerous donations from members of Sparkhub Foundation for the purpose of fundraising for future initiatives. We have sold books, clothes, toys, and furniture to people in our community.These fundraisers also pose as a community service opportunity to the students of Sparkhub Foundation, which are held in front of Mission San Jose Elementary School and Lake Elizabeth.

Project led by Jasamarbir Singh Arora, Jessica Li, and Vincent Wu


Project Date: June 2023 - Present

Bay area-based initiative to connect families with rescue animals in need of a forever home. Our website features animals from local shelters and neighborhoods for individuals to find a perfect match.See official website here.People looking to temporarily rehouse their animals can fill out our foster interest form here.Consider donating to fund vaccinations and medical care for our animals through our Ko-fi.

Project led by Xuanyu Chen

Service Awards

President's Volunteer Service Award:Sparkhub Foundation is an official certifying organization for the President's Service Award. This award honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action, too. After reaching a certain amount of service hours, you could qualify for one of the award tiers.Click to learn more

Scholarships:In 2021, Sparkhub Foundation began its scholarship fund. As of April 2021, applications for scholarship awards are now open to applicants who believe they exemplify excellent service and dedication. Those deemed qualified and deserving will receive scholarships after a thorough application review process.Click to learn more

President's Volunteer Service Award

The President's Volunteer Service Award is a prestigious award given to honor outstanding volunteers who are making a difference in our communities and inspire those around them to take action too. To participate in Sparkhub Foundation's certification process, download the application form. Be sure you make sure you meet all the requirements and turn in the necessary materials, including the service hours form.

If you have any questions or you wish to turn in your application form, please email [email protected]*Note: Please pay attention to details on your application form in order for it to be accepted.See the official website here


Sparkhub's scholarships are ongoing opportunities for students to show their passion and to gain recognition for their contributions to the organization. There are four categories total: Personal Achievements, Best Initiative, Writing/Art, and STEM. In order to apply, click on the link in the table to check the rubric and fill out the application for the category you wish to apply for. Please submit your application to [email protected]


Sparkhub Foundation aims to make sure its members are well prepared for jobs in today's working environment. High school is the perfect time to seek out potential careers students would like to pursue in the future, and internships are a great way to do so. On this page, you can find a list of internship opportunities that are available through our organization.


Machine Learning Research:Interested in creating complex computer systems capable of adaptation? Learn from professionals through Sparkhub! We have invited employees from Apple and Yahoo to walk students through their work. See what you can accomplish and build your own machine learning system today!


  1. Grade 10 or higher

  2. Possess introductory knowledge of machine learning

  3. Proficiency in Python

  4. Proficiency in coding matrices

  5. Familiar with the concept of derivatives

  6. Familiar with the concept of linear regression

  7. Experience with CS related projects

  8. Provide transcript and resume


Students are expected to dedicate 4 hours per day to this internship in the first few weeks. This time will be reevaluated after 2-3 weeks.

Interested? Apply here.
More information about the course here.

Image Processing:Digital image processing is the use of computer algorithms to enhance or extract information from an image. It is used by artists, architects, engineers, and many others in today's world. Among the subcategories of image processing, pattern recognition is the process of recognizing patterns by using machine learning algorithms. It classifies data based on knowledge already gained or statistical information extracted from patterns and/or their representation. Wayne State University is offering an internship centered around the study of stamps, fingerprints, and signatures through pattern recognition.


  1. Grade 10 or higher

  2. Proficiency in at least one coding language

  3. Experience with CS related projects

Interested? Apply here.

Nanotechnology Research:Nanotechnology is the study and use of matter at a near-atomic scale, and it can be used in medicine, energy, manufacturing, and more. Canada's Nanotechnology Research Centre is offering their data for students to analyze. They also provide hands-on experiments to enhance understanding. This internship allows students to better understand the work that nanotech researchers do, should they wish to pursue the career in their futures.


  1. Soil acidity and its effects on plant growth

  2. The applications of carbon allotropes

  3. The application of gold nanoparticles

  4. Nanoparticles and early detection for seafood spoilage

  5. Machine learning history

  6. Neural network computation complexity


  1. Grade 10 or higher

Interested? Apply here.

CalNest Financial & Realty Corporation:CalNest is a full-service real estate agency that integrates housing sales and loans, located in Fremont, California. Students interning at CalNest lay the foundations for successful professional habits and gain a deep understanding of the real estate industry. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: market research, benchmark gathering, client management, and pitch material creation.


  1. Grade 10 or higher

  2. Experience with community service

  3. Experience with research

  4. Provide transcript and resume

Interested? Apply here.

Website Design:Websites are a means for which each company or organization can promote their activities and vision. In this internship, we contact existing organizations who are looking for young website designers, and we encourage students to work closely with administrators to create a satisfactory web page.


  1. Grade 10 or higher

  2. Experience in website design

Available Businesses

Interested? Apply here.


CBA Front Desk Management and Assistant Coaching:California Badminton Academy is a badminton training center and facility where badminton lovers come to play. High school interns are expected to run the shop, assist walk-in customers, and supervise the junior summer camps. Hours can be counted as paid or volunteer. Students must be 16 years of age or older to receive pay. Volunteer hours will be counted as Sparkhub service hours.


  1. Grade 9 or higher

  2. English proficiency

  3. Familiar with technology

  4. Experience with community service

  5. (For assistant coaches only) Official badminton training

Interested? Apply here.

Machine Learning INternship

Course:In this internship, students will observe Coursera's Machine Learning videos with teachers for the first 2-3 weeks. Up to 6 chapters out of the 11 total chapters will be covered. Students then have the option to take up to 5 courses in Coursera's Deep Learnign Specialization asynchronously and at their own pace.

Teachers:Ying Wang will cover Saturday morning classes, provide review for past sessions as well as quizzes and homework discussions, and will be responsible for planning each week's schedule and learning material.Dayong Huang will guide students on their projects and break down principles for students to better understand them.Mingzhe Lu will cover weekday classes and teach tools in Python (NumPy, plots, CSV files, Matrix operators, derivatives).

For more information, please view this slideshow.


PROGRAMMING & WEB DESIGN CLUB:PWDC focuses on the behind the scenes process of making websites and other applications. Classes will be taught on various coding languages and their uses in everyday life. Computer science is a huge field in today's world so we hope this club gives people a chance to pursue a career interest and/or dive into previous curiosities.

Founded by Alyssa Shou
Currently led by Jasamarbir Singh Arora

Club Website: https://sparkhub-computer-club.jasamarbir.repl.co/

ART AND LITERATURE CLUB:Our Art and Literature Club is a place where students can freely publish art works and written articles. Our platform allows those in the community to connect to one another, learn about current events, and exercise their skills and talents.

Founded by Selina Kao and Jessica Li
Reading Club founded by Kathryn Xiong
Art Club founded by Shalom Hsiung
Club website: sparkhubrwc.carrd.co

VIDEO EDITING CLUB:Students who are interested in learning how to use editing software will be interested in this club. Led by high school students who have ample experience in video editing, our club is intended to teach anyone, beginners or otherwise, how to make their own creative video projects.

Founded by Tony MengSign-up form: https://forms.gle/2JpuKKKdkB6Gpd9h9

FINANCIAL LITERACY CLUB:Many schools do not teach students how to operate or handle their financial investments. Our mission is to educate students on the basic principles of business operation and build a platform for financial education. Additionally, we hope this club can help members explore different possible career options in business and finance.

Founded by Jacob Hearns
Currently led by Jenny and Christine
The FL Club is currently hosting weekly workshops! More information here.

MACHINE LEARNING CLUB:In this club, we will learn machine learning via seminars and sessions with experts, implementing both theory and practice to build up a skill set applicable in many aspects of daily life. Members will solve real world problems using machine learning, as well as participate in science fairs and hackathons, and teach others about this field of study. Our club's environment encourages discussion among peers, allowing for members to learn from each other in addition to experts.

Founded by William WangThe sign up form can be found here.
Club website: shfmachinelearning.carrd.co

APOKAY CLUB:Many educational resources for success on standardized exams are locked behind a pay wall that is unattainable to some. Using AI, we have developed a website to help disenfranchised middle/high school students study for the SAT and AP exams, allowing them to gain a head start in pursuing higher education.

Founded by Benjamin HuangThe sign up form can be found here.
Club website: https://apokay.org

If you are interested in starting your own club under Sparkhub Foundation, learn more here: tinyurl.com/SHFClubInfo

Community Service Opportunities

FOOD SORTING:River of Life Foundation Food Pantry
1177 Laurelwood Rd, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Second Harvest
403 Cypress Ave, San Jose, CA 95117
Crosspoint Church
658 Gibraltar Ct., Milpitas, CA 95035

TUTORING:High school student tutors wanted! Class sessions will be held digitally, over Zoom. The most popular subjects in demand are Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and English. If you think you are proficient enough in these courses, consider contacting our Organization Supervisor and Coordinator Jenny Zhao to earn weekly service hours.

COACHING:Our Junior Camps run by Jasamarbir Arora, Vincent Wu, and Edwin Tang are looking for more high school student supervisors! If you have any experience or interest in coaching basketball, teaching abacus, reading to younger children, or assembling LEGO sets, this could be a service activity you would enjoy.